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Essentials in Cooking Tools


You need to select the right kitchen tools to ensure that the preparation of food according to your lifestyle is made easier and simpler. There are some essentials that you need to consider when selecting cooking tools. It is not required to buy every tool that is advertised as you may not even use it. So consider the purpose of the tool and the frequency of use. You need to consider whether it can make a significant difference in preparation time and effort.

There are some basic cookware that you need to start with such as a saucepan, a non-stick frying pan and a stockpot. A non-stick frying pan is very versatile and you need to make sure that you use utensils that will not scratch and damage the non-stick coating. Generally, a 4 quart saucepan will be useful for many things and it will be easier to handle as well. You can also purchase some sheet pans that will become useful when it comes to toasting, baking and roasting. You can also use glass baking dishes for baking many items.

You can also use them in a microwave. You can serve food in these dishes as well. Utensils are very important and you need to select the right utensil for the right work. When choosing knives, one of the all-purpose knives that you can buy is a chef’s knife. In addition, you can also choose a paring knife for fine work and a serrated knife for slicing vegetables easily. You need to keep the knives sharp so you can purchase a Wiltshire knife sharpener as well.   

Make sure that you find spoons that are not abrasive on cooking surfaces like wooden, silicone or plastic spoons. There are sets of spoons that you can purchase that will be useful for a variety of purposes. Measuring spoons are very useful when you are working with recipes. And it can be hard to eyeball ingredients if you are new to cooking. In addition to using them for measuring, you can use them as mini spoons as well. There are measuring cups that you can use for baking and cooking requirements. You need to select items that can carry out a variety of functions so that they will be used frequently. One such example is the fish turner that can be used to flip pancakes, eggs, burgers, fish etc. Tongs can also be used to move ingredients whether in a frying pan or a baking sheet.

Another basic that you should not forget is the peeler which will make it easier to prepare vegetables and fruits. And for mixing liquid and working with emulsifying ingredients, a whisk will be a great choice. You also need to buy a cutting board with a good grip. It is best to keep several cutting boards so that you can reduce cross-contamination. If you have a dishwasher, you can use plastic cutting boards that can be disinfected. Make sure that you purchase some preparation bowls in different sizes so that you can organize all ingredients. Other items you should have in your kitchen are a colander, can opener and a micro plane zester.

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