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Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous earth is a sedimentary rock that is made from fossilised diatom remains. Diatoms are a group of algae. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon. These deposits can be found on the beds of water sources such as rivers, freshwater lakes and oceans and people mine this sedimentation for food and industrial applications. Diatoms are made of silica and that is what contributes to the health benefits of diatomaceous earth.

Silica has many uses and it has health benefits as well. There are many differences between filter grade and food grade diatomaceous earth. Filter grade is for industrial use and the amount of silica that is present in this is too high and therefore toxic to mammals. But a safe form of diatomaceous earth is the food grade product that is purified and has gone through many approval processes.

You may find that many stores have diatomaceous earth powder for improved gut health. This is one of the many benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth. There is still research required to understand the depth of benefits that we can obtain. It is best to speak to your healthcare provider before you supplement your regular diet. There are certain doses that you need to understand when it comes to diatomaceous earth and how you can incorporate it into your diet.

Silica is very important when it comes to the formation of collagen in the body. In addition to diatomaceous earth, there are also food items that you can take that contain high levels of silica. Some examples are bananas, oats, rice, wheat, dairy and meat products. There are many studies that claim digestion benefits with the addition of diatomaceous earth to the diet. It will help improve digestion by increasing the frequency of bowel movements. There are small amounts of silica in connective tissues as well and it can help improve bone and cartilage strength. Silica is very important to the formation of cartilage. It can also improve the condition of nails, hair and skin. Some have found that with regular doses of diatomaceous earth in their diet, their hair has become thicker and healthier.

Collagen is what helps us maintain youthful skin. So silica can assist in collagen production improving skin texture over time. And this can be a great supplement to strengthening nails. You can supplement with diatomaceous earth in the morning to increase your energy levels and this will give a great start to your day. There are also claims that diatomaceous earth can help first against inflammation but this needs to be researched further. There are still more studies required to understand the many benefits of diatomaceous earth on humans and how we can use it to improve certain health conditions. If you are pregnant or nursing, it is best to ask your doctor before starting to add diatomaceous earth to your food. Diatomaceous earth can be taken orally or topically. It can be used for exfoliation as well. You can either mix the powder with water or a morning smoothie.

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