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It’s Best to Be Prepared for an Emergency


There are some medical emergencies that have to be taken into attention without wasting a minute. We can never say if someone is healthy by just looking at them. It’s important that we be ready to face any situation at any time.

Heart is a hollow muscular organ that pumps blood for all the organs in the body. Heart never stops working; it’s an organ which keeps working from birth to death without a rest. When the heart stops working, the blood cannot be pumped adequately to all the organs. Organs to receiving enough blood can fail and lead to death. There are situations like sudden cardiac arrest, in this case the heart stops suddenly. First aid has to be done as soon as possible to restore the function of the heart.

It’s true that it’s hard to get the first aid team as soon as possible. But every one of us should have a basic knowledge about CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation); it can be a life saver. There are modern automated external defibrillator; these should be available in places like sports clubs, schools, universities and so on. They have the voice command feature which allows anyone to use it. It doesn’t even require someone with medical knowledge. This is something that’s very essential these days. It’s recommended to have such equipments in busy places to save a life.

CPR is done in order to bring back the blood flow of the heart and lungs when they suddenly stop. This has to be brought back to normal within few minutes or it can lead to death. As individuals it’s essential that we learn this life saving manipulation. It may help us when we need it the most. There is no harm in learning something new and gaining extra knowledge about something which will be helpful in the future.

Most people confuse between the two terms sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack. In a sudden cardiac arrest the heart stops beating unlike in a heart attack. Heart attack can be reduced blood flow to the heart and other problems with the heart but the heart doesn’t stop beating. In sudden cardiac arrest the emergency treatment has to be initiated within the first few minutes.

Causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The heart works according to the electrical signaling system; this controls the rhythm of the heart and the heart rate. The main cause of sudden cardiac arrest is the irregular rhythm of the heart due to problems with the electrical signaling. These irregularities can be called as arrhythmia. There can be different types of arrhythmias, some can make the heart beat so fast and other can make the heart beat too slowly. This can cause the heart to stop beating.

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