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Know How the Teeth Looks from Inside


Teeth are a very important part of our body. When we think about teeth, we think it’s something non-living; the actual truth is it’s a living part as rest of the body. It is made up of enamel, a substance which is very hard. But it can have different parts. You may think that it only involves in giving a beautiful smile to you, it also involves in maintaining the shape of oral cavity and also plays a role in talking. Today let us talk about the parts of teeth.

In the center of the tooth there is a pulp cavity, through which the nuclei of cells called nerves pass. To act on the teeth, it absorbs the forces acting on the jawbone and weakens the cementum, the surfaces of which are connected by a fibrous tissue called the periodontal ligament. Teeth are placed on the bone, gums, and alveolar connective tissue of the periodontal ligament. Teeth consist of three major parts. Let’s us discuss about these parts in detail. 


This is the deepest part. The teeth are anchored into the skull by these roots. This can be called the most important part in the teeth. Root is made out of several parts as well and they are root canal, cementum, periodontal ligament, nerves and the bone. Root canal is the place where the pulp is present; this is the place where infections occur common where root canal treatment is performed. Cementum also known as the cement substance, this is what covers the root and has a bone like consistency. Periodontal ligaments are what connects to the jaw bone together with cementum. Blood vessels help transport of blood and nerves help control of the chewing movements and so on.


The neck, also called the neck of the tooth, is located between the crown and the root of the tooth. This creates a line where the cement (base layer) is mixed with the enamel. It consists of three main parts: Also known as gum, the eraser is a fleshy pink connective tissue that sticks to the gums and cement. The pulp is the innermost part. It consists of small blood vessels and nerve tissue. The decoration of the cavity is the decoration of the cavity, sometimes called the pulp cavity, the cavity inside the crown where the decoration is located.


The part that is visible to us. It consists of three parts.

Anatomical crown

This is the head of the tooth.  This is usually the only part you can see on the teeth.


This is the outermost layer of the tooth.  As the strongest tissue found in the whole body it helps  to protect your teeth from bacteria.  Strengthens teeth from cold pressure


Dentin is the layer of mineral tissue under the enamel.  It extends from the crown to the base of the neck.  Protect teeth from heat and cold temperatures. These are the basic parts of your teeth.

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