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Ways to Maintain Bed Hygiene When You Have Pets


Pets are great to cuddle in bed and wake up to in the morning but their fur and dander can cause respiratory issues and allergies for some. Tufts of fur all over your bedding aren’t a relaxing sight when you want to sink in and drift off to slumberland. Dirt and grime your pet bring with them when they hop on your bed can be difficult to clean requiring frequent laundering.

The easiest way to trap fur, dander and dirt from your pet is to have blankets or quilt covers over your beds. The cover will prevent fur and dirt from soiling your bedding underneath, keeping them clean. At night, all you have to do is remove the quilt to reveal your clean bedding.

Here Are Some Ways to Maintain Bed Hygiene with Pets

If your pet is a day sleeper on your bed, then the easiest thing to do is to use a blanket or quilt to protect the bedding underneath. Choose a fabric that is durable and easy to clean. Stay away from fabrics made of wool or synthetic material that attract fur to clump all over the fabric making it difficult to clean. 

Your pet may be sleeping with you at night, in which case the blanket/quilt trick won’t work. To keep your bedding odour free and clean, wash your bedding regularly. It’s the only way. Clean your lint trap and the machine after each wash to make sure what’s in the machine doesn’t get onto your clothes with the next wash.

Comforters are usually washed two to three times a year, however, with a pet, it needs to be more regular. Washing your comforter/duvet often is no fun, you can vacuum your bedding daily to keep your washes to once a month to keep it clean and odour free.   

Keep a lint roller, the type with the sticky paper next to your bed for additional cleaning if required. Your pet may shed more fur than usual during the summer months, requiring extra cleaning.

Camouflage pet fur by using patterned bedding. It is not a way to keep fur out obviously but is great for making you feel your bedding is cleaner than it is till you get down to giving it a good vacuum or wash.

Take time to wash your pet regularly so there is less odour that can be transferred to your bedding, it helps with the shedding too. A good brush after their morning or evening walk or even a couple of times a week can also ensure you have less fur floating when they jump into bed. If you don’t want to sleep with your pet or want to reduce the amount of time it spends on your bed, try introducing your pet to their bed and train your pet to get on your bed only when invited to do so, to minimise the amount of fur, odour and dirt that gets on your bed.

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