What to Know About Decorating Your Aquarium?


Decorations are not essential for an aquarium but it adds to the aesthetic appeal quite a bit. And it can be an enjoyable hobby as well to change the themes of your aquarium now and then. Using décor also provides a sense of security to the fish as they will be able to find a lot of hiding places.

There is a wide variety of aquarium decor ornaments from fake and real plants, fake and real rocks, structures, moulded ornaments and decorative elements etc. It is best if you speak to the staff members of the store to find out whether any of the elements are not recommended for the tank. The substrate of the tank is considered decoration as well because not all fish will require one.

Generally, you will see gravel as a substrate and there are different sizes of gravel you can choose from as well. It is recommended to go with smaller gravel because larger gravel can leave spaces in between causing food and waste to get trapped inside.       

Stones are something that you can collect on your own as well. But you need to make sure that the natural stones you choose are safe for the aquarium. Some examples of safe stones that you can use are natural slate, natural quartz and lava rock. You can also select some rocks from a river which will be perfectly fine for the aquarium. To ensure safety, it is recommended to boil the stones for about an hour before you put them in the tank. There are artificial rocks as well that you can use. You can use ceramic items in the fish tank but this has to be done carefully.

Some ceramics have a glaze that can dissolve after some time and release toxic chemicals into the water. So it is best to stick to dinnerware safe objects only. Non glazed ceramic is anyway safe for aquariums and one example is terracotta pots. Sometimes the glaze can be a matt finish and therefore you may not notice it. So you have to be very careful. 

You can use artificial and natural plants. The benefit of natural plants is that they can double as food for the fish. But you need to check the safety of the plants and this will require some recommendations from the staff at the aquarium. When using plants, whether real or fake, it is best to use a variety.

Use plants of different heights to create volume and use different colors and shapes of leaves. The plants can be used as a way of hiding essential elements for the aquarium such as heaters, lift tubes etc. The shorter plants can be used with driftwood in order to create a natural effect. Driftwood is another natural decoration that you can add to the aquarium. You can find it in rivers or streams. If this is not possible, you can visit your local aquarium to find some artificial driftwood as well.

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